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can't use xpra protocol in new (0.12.22) windows build of winswitch — at Initial Version

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After installing the new windows build of winswitch (to test #270 -- which I also confirm is fixed, thanks!), I was getting errors when trying to connect using xpra:

ImportError?: No module named xpra.platform

This was not a clean install, and it seems that winswitch was trying to use the old xpra; so I uninstalled everything and reinstalled, and also installed the newest xpra in a separate directory (as I understand that xpra is no longer bundled with winswitch?).

However, I am unable to get winswitch to work with the new xpra:

In Configuration->Protocols xpra is by default not enabled, and there is no binary (None).
I tried pointing it to my separately installed xpra binary, and enabling it; apply and save -- but the next time I open Configuration->Protocols, xpra is not enabled and the binary is (None) again.
Only after copying all the 'xpra...' files from the xpra directory into the winswitch directory is it finally possible to enable xpra, however when trying to use it again we get the original error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "xpra", line 3, in <module>

ImportError?: No moudle named xpra.platform


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