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windows These are the Microsoft Windows 7 screenshots.

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3 Seamless applications

This screenshot shows a Windows 7 desktop accessing 3 applications on various other machines:

  • Calculator running on a Linux machine, displayed via xpra
  • System Monitor is coming from the same machine, but forwarded via SSH
  • Epiphany is running on another machine and is forwarded via NX, the control window for this session is also shown
windows 7 screenshot 1


Below is a screenshot from a Windows 7 desktop accessing:

  • The "Ubuntu Software Center" running on an Ubuntu desktop nearby (top)
  • An LXDE virtual desktop (below)
windows 7 screenshot 2

Control Window

This is a screenshot of a Windows 7 desktop showing the session control page for a server running 3 sessions, 2 of which are already connected here:

  • The nautilus file browser (on the left)
  • The Fedora softare center (top)
windows 7 screenshot 3