mouse Example Uses Cases


Start work on one machine and continue on another.

When all you really want is to move to another computer, why should you have to save your documents, email them or copy them to the target machine, find them again and then re-open them from there?
This is all tedious and error prone.
Which file(s) has the latest version? Is the same version of the software installed on the other computer? Is it going to open the document correctly? Which page were you on?

arrow Just move the window to that computer and be done with it!


Need to show someone something? Work together on the same item but from separate desks or offices?
arrow Send them a shadow of your application or desktop so they can see what you are doing, and if you so choose, interact with it too.

Bypass firewall or web filtering restrictions

Some locations may block access to certain websites or services.
arrow By running the applications from another location, you are no longer bound by these restrictions.

Use software without installing it

Provide access to the thousands of quality open-source applications to other (less fortunate) users on the network.
There is no need to install all the applications on individual workstations, just manage and deploy them in one location.
arrow Easily upgrade (or rollback if needed) the software used on many workstations without making any modifications to the workstations themselves.


You may be using proprietary software which requires expensive licenses per installation and although you may never need to use it on many computers at any one time, the licensing restrictions will force you to pay for every computer you install it on...
arrow Simply install the number of copies of the software that you will actually use and connect to these installations when you need them!

Home - Work

Take your work home (or your home to work...)

If you haven't finished something and need to get moving...
arrow just resume it when you get to your destination.


Applications running remotely are immune to reboots and crashes that may occur on your local desktop.

When you restart your machine (after a system crash, or you may even have re-installed your operating system in the meantime), all the applications you had left running will still be there and will re-appear exactly as they were on your desktop!
Even the cursor will be your left it in your documents!

arrow Free yourself from unreliable operating systems.

GUI for system administrators

Easily start sessions on remote servers via SSH: the command line is great, but a GUI tool can also make your life easier.
arrow Click and play.

Thin Clients

The benefits of using thin-clients are well known,
arrow Window Switch makes it easy to mix and match thin and thick clients.