This is the development page for OpenSolaris.
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dependenciesMinimum Dependencies

In order to install all the tools, you will need pkgutil from (Obviously there are other ways of installing the required software - you will be on your own in that case)

The basic python libraries can be installed using Sun's pkg tool:

pfexec pkg install SUNWPython-extra SUNWgnome-python-libs SUNWpython-twisted SUNWpython-setuptools

Use easy_install for the following python libraries:

easy_install pam pycrypto ctypes hashlib pyutmp

Use pkgutil for PyGTK:

pkgutil -i CSWpyggtk

To enable mDNS and Xvnc you will need:

pfexec pkg install SUNWavahi-bridge-dsd SUNWxvnc SUNWvncviewer


To build TigerVNC from source, you will need:

pfexec pkg install SUNWgcc


To build Xpra from source, you will need a recent version of Pyrex, which you may have to install from source. At runtime, you will also need Xvfb:

pfexec pkg install CSWXvfb


To build NX proxy from source, you will need:

pfexec pkg install CSWlibx11dev

You may have to modify the sources slightly, if needed add:

#define _XGetIOError(dpy) (dpy -> flags & XlibDisplayIOError)
to NXlib.h just after MD5.h, and remove all references to os.h and dix.h.