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#winswitch on

Feel free to join this channel at any time to see if someone there can help you.
Please be aware of irc netiquette.

#winswitch on was used previously and may still be used as backup should freenode be unavailable

mailing-list Mailing List


Feel free to post questions there. This list is for end users looking for help with the software, installation, general discussions, etc.
Non members can post to this list, but posts will need to be reviewed by a moderator before being approved.

The subscription page is here and you can find an archive of all messages here.

If you are having problems with this list, please contact [email protected].

The mailman list management page is located here.

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You can use this form to give us direct feedback, without needing to tell us who you are
(although this could be helpful if we have a response for you!)