Protocols: Xpra Xpra

General Information

Xpra is a seamless protocol for X windows.
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Xpra is open-source (available under the GPL).
Since the Xpra server uses the X Window system, running the Xpra server requires an operating system supporting X11 windowing servers, therefore it does not run on Microsoft Windows. That does not preclude you from using the client on those systems and connecting to Xpra sessions running somewhere else.

Xpra requires a virtual X11 server, you can use either:
  • Xvfb: this is what is used by default as it is shipped with most distributions
  • Xvfb: because of the way Xpra starts the virtual X11 server, this option requires a little bit more configuration, see this post and this ticket for more details.
  • It should be possible to use Xvnc or Xephyr but this is undocumented and unsupported


Window Switch sessions using Xpra support the following features:
  • Seamless mode is fully supported as this is a core feature of Xpra
  • Starting, suspending and resuming of sessions is fully supported
  • Full desktop mode is possible, but discouraged and disabled by default
Note: Xpra does not support shadowing.
To use Xpra with Window Switch you must use our modified version which includes improvements not available upstream, you can find it here.