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#147 fixed to enable ARD on OSX, we need the user's password - provide a way to request it Antoine Martin Antoine gmail

The command used for toggling ARD on or off requires authentication, at the moment we don't keep the password (we should - but only for platforms that are known to require it: osx) and we need a way to request it if we do not have it (key login).

Then we can use the password to enable ARD if it is not enabled (and potentially other things - auto-start?)

#83 fixed threading / start processes using twisted: use ProcessProtocol Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When starting a process and watching its output, we shouldn't do this in a separate thread but instead integrate the code with twisted main-loop (gtk/glib's actually) using ProcessProtocol?, see here

Also, when waiting for a process by pid (one we may not have launched ourselves), we should use gobject.child_watch_add(pid) which will also integrate with the main loop.

Places of interest:

  • 1 ssh_key_util.generate_new_key: simple call_when_done callback
  • 2 config_server.do_tunnel_connect_test: simple call_when_done callback (needs output and returncode)
  • 3 ssh_command_monitor: needs every line to be parsed as they are received...
  • 4 server_link.do_connect_to_server: re-implements wait_for_socket!!!
#65 wontfix the newer GTK builds for win32 do not support ICO format - workaround it Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Added a test for it so we dont flood the logs (r1523)

GError: This build of gdk-pixbuf does not support saving the image format: ico

But we should either save it in png format (and hope the user's version of windows supports that or at least fails gracefully) or find a library that will convert it to ico (not found so far - only reading is supported, see PIL, etc)

Maybe pywin32 can give us access to something in windows API that will do the job, this is not too far off (it's only reading though).

Found Icon.Save in .NET

this example writes it out straight to file. Newer versions of windows support icons as PNGs, we should at least do that when saving .ICO fails.

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