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#183 fixed Having issues with OSX client Antoine Martin tlc

I'm using a MAC client 0.12.8 and Ubuntu server ( & Applications don't start at all, but Desktops do.

Server log files attached.

#230 fixed IRC link on Dev page broken Jameson

the IRC link on points to localhost:10000 instead of a web url

#201 fixed Incorrect check for started X server Antoine Martin Alexey Loginov

In trying to get a WinSwitch/xpra server on Ubuntu to work with a WinSwitch/xpra client on OSX, I had to fight with xmodmap a bit (need to use Alt for Eclipse, emacs, etc.). I found the check for running X server not to be quite right. The following diff is for an older version of winswitch/client/ (I can't use the latest due to, so the lines aren't current but their content hasn't changed.

The first change fixes the search of lines for "org.x.startx". In the old form, line.find returns -1 for any line without a match, triggering on the very first line ("PID Status Label"). Python documentation states a preference for "substring in string", when the position of substring in string is not needed. If you want to insist on "org.x.startx" at the very end of the line, the test could be: if line.endswith("org.x.startx"):

The second change corrects the check for a process that's running now ("0" in parts[1] appears to indicate that the process has terminated and returned 0). Checking that parts[0] is NOT "-" is a valid check for a running process, as well. The man pages are a bit vague.

The changes below work on my MacBookPros at home and at work with 10.5 and 10.6:

<                                       if line.find("org.x.startx$"):
>                                       if "org.x.startx" in line:
<                                                       started = parts[1]=="0"
>                                                       started = parts[1]=="-"

I hope this helps. -Alexey

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