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#150 invalid Keyboard focus problem, OSX, xpra Antoine Martin tlc

When using xpra with an OSX client and an Ubuntu server, I have consistent keyboard focus problems.

Whenever the app opens a secondary window, clicking fields, or anywhere on the secondary window will not give keyboard focus to a field.

I can work around by clicking the titlebar of the original app window, then moving back to the secondary window. Then my mouse clicks will affect keyboard focus.

#165 fixed Keyboard works incorrectly on Mac OS X (Lion) Antoine Martin Stroller

When I log on to desktop.devloop and open Firefox the keyboard doesn't work properly.

If I click in the address bar and use the Mac's backspace key then forward-slashes (/) are displayed. I can cut the address bar to clear it, but when I type "h" (third letter of the site name the browser appears to crash.

Running ps in a shell session on desktop.devloop appears to indicate that Firefox-bin is still running, but I cannot resume it using Window Switch. I have to kill Firefox-bin in the shell and must start a new session (and the keyboard still doesn't work in that).

#294 invalid Latest Version of Xpra breaks compatibility (Linux) Ade


The latest version of xpra (1.0-r14532) causes winswitch client not to enable xpra.

Looking at the client log, this following line suggests winswitch is expecting a third integer in the versioning sequence (as was in the previous xpra version, 0.17.0) and so the client/server xpra versioning comparison process fails at this point:

ServerLineConnection.xpra_version_compat(1.0-r14532,1.0-r14532) invalid literal for int() with base 10: '0-r14532'
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