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#23 fixed remove unused files on session end Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When a session terminates, we should clean up a few things:

  • pid file (on client)
  • password file (both) - can also remove this one when the client is no longer actor
  • icon file (both)
  • session file - eventually? (both)
  • ...
#28 fixed run sessions and their clients with daemonizable threads Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

At the moment, xpra supports this on the server: the xpra server stays alive even when shifter_server is stopped.
Ideally, we want to keep all the sessions running and just re-load the session files when the server re-starts. The problem comes from the fact that NX writes to stdout and we watch this output to get the current session state, we will need to redirect to a file instead and watch that (and maybe also start it with 'nohup'?)

#29 fixed register our mDNS service types: _shifter._tcp. and _shifter_reversed_mdns._tcp. Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Need to find out who is in charge of:

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