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#83 fixed threading / start processes using twisted: use ProcessProtocol Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When starting a process and watching its output, we shouldn't do this in a separate thread but instead integrate the code with twisted main-loop (gtk/glib's actually) using ProcessProtocol?, see here

Also, when waiting for a process by pid (one we may not have launched ourselves), we should use gobject.child_watch_add(pid) which will also integrate with the main loop.

Places of interest:

  • 1 ssh_key_util.generate_new_key: simple call_when_done callback
  • 2 config_server.do_tunnel_connect_test: simple call_when_done callback (needs output and returncode)
  • 3 ssh_command_monitor: needs every line to be parsed as they are received...
  • 4 server_link.do_connect_to_server: re-implements wait_for_socket!!!
#85 fixed wait_for_socket should use twisted and deferreds Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Should be a pretty straight forward swap. No reason to use yet another network library (raw sockets in this case)

#86 fixed use ProcessControl with server_util_base for watching nx output Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

As was done with #83 for ssh related processes, we can use twisted to avoid starting a new thread on the server for each NX session we watch the output of.

Xpra is different as we poll a logfile, this integrates with the mainloop fine via gio.File

VNC we just don't care.

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