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#87 fixed build against python 2.6 on win32 Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Someone encountered the exact same issue: unable to bundle pywin32 + python2.6 because of MSVCRT90.DLL issues - but there seems to be a solution: py2exe mailing list thread

Win32 bugs potentially related to this: #10, #68, #79

#88 fixed sound support: use gstreamer+pulseaudio to provide efficient sound in/out over network Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

What we have there kinda works, but there are many issues that need improving/resolving:

  • bandwidth: pulseaudio's TCP protocol is a bandwidth pig... We must ensure we only use it over fast links (need better detection?)

Edit: see original description for the approach that was abandoned (pure pulseaudio)

#89 fixed xvnc status updates by watching server output (like nx does) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

We should probably watch the output of the Xvnc process like we do for NX. Looks like we can detect if the session is connected or not: vncext: Listening for VNC connections on port 16064 Means no need to test using a wait_for_socket. Connections: accepted: Means we can remove the need for the client to set the CONNECTED status. Connections: closed: (Clean disconnection) As above for AVAILABLE.

Log Xvnc output to file ~/.Xvnc/:DISPLAY.log

Note: the code has only been tested with tigervnc...

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