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#63 fixed native OSX build Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Parallel to bug #21 (OSX Packaging) It is worth pursuing a native OSX build using gtk-osx

This would integrate better with osx.

Important pieces are:

Step by step: start-from-scratch Problem is that there seems to be an incompatibility with the version from macports... (detects existing pkg_config?)

Hopefully this will result in a package that works better than py2app's...

#62 duplicate must be able to specify the reverse-mDNS port to use with firewalls Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

at present, a random port is chosen, which will not work with hosts running almost any kind of firewall...

Should re-use the spec parsing code used by the server, which supports syntax like:



#68 fixed msvcr90.dll bundling issues Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

According to py2exe tutorial it should just be a case of adding the Microsoft.VC90.CRT directory to the installer, but this does not work for me. Other posts suggest copying the raw DLLs into the root dist folder (also did not work).

more info here

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