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#50 fixed Solaris packages Antoine Martin Elliot Moore

Just a question of running?:

python bdist_pkgtool

distutils builddist
not that simple I am afraid: would not handle dependencies.

#188 wontfix Supporting the vino vnc server? Antoine Martin robert.waters

I would like to run winswitch on two current ubuntu (oneiric) boxes, both running the vinagre/vino-server VNC client/server combo. The 'Desktop Default' section in server configuration ui reads 'None available' (ui/ populate_session_types()), and 'Start Desktop Session' is disabled.

I tried trivially adding the vinagre/vino paths to VNC_COMMAND/XVNC_COMMAND in util/; that did not work.

The problem persisted even after installing the tightvnc viewer.

Any hints would be appreciated.


#149 fixed The '<' key produces '>' with the winswitch xpra Antoine Martin Dwight Schauer

Using xfce4's terminal the '<' and '>' keys are fine. Using the same terminal and going through xpra, < (lt) is > (gt), but > (gt) is still correct, and , (comma) and . (period) are still correct.

Without xpra: <> ,. With xpra: >> ,.

I can copy/paste a '<' from a non xpra window and it works as expected.

Same thing happens with Xfce's Mousepad 0.2.16 and Terminal 0.4.7.

This is with aur/xpra-winswitch aur/parti-all 0.0.6-2 is fine and does not have this bug.

Both Xfce's Mousepad and Terminal behaviours are correct in terms of '<' and '>' when using the xpra from parti-all.

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