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#196 fixed ~/.winswitch/server/server.log in use all the time Antoine Martin pmarek

It would be nice if winswitch_server would rename the logfile to .prev (or something similar) when it's being started and/or gets eg. signal SIGHUP (similar to syslog), so that its size can be easily limited.

#193 fixed tray icon is missing with Ubuntu 11.10 Antoine Martin Antoine Martin


Probably need to duplicate the workarounds to get Ubuntu to stop doing crazy things.

#192 fixed Couldn't reach you any other way Antoine Martin joachim

Dear developer(s),

Have just taken a look at your wonderful program/tool called WinSwitch?. It has made me so enthousiastic that I'd like to make it part of our open source operating system called HOLOS.

Since you have done a lot of work on this, I was wondering if you accept donations. My company Metasync is small and not very rich, but we like to give what we can to support creative developers like yourself.

Best regards, Joachim de Koning -

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