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#130 fixed move website to a separate repository Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

It's handy for doing distributed builds and easily updating the website, but it pollutes the repo with binaries (making it huge to checkout) and makes it harder to read the history.

#134 fixed move all internal scripts to /usr/libexec - these aren't meant to be used directly Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Only a few scripts should remain in /usr/bin:

  • winswitch_applet / winswitch_server : essentials
  • winswitch_away / winswitch_back : can be used by blueproximity, etc
  • winswitch_command_wrapper : used by .desktop command lines, must be on PATH to make it user friendly
  • winswitch_stdio_socket / winswitch_stdio_tcp : can be used by users for diagnosys (maybe)

Almost everything else we can move to libexec. This is cleaner and better for packaging. Means we don't need so many manual pages.

#72 fixed more generic listen_on host/port parsing code (ie: listen_on="eth0:") Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

At the moment, we can't specify an interface without knowing its IP, which makes it difficult to listen on eth0 and not wlan0 for example. The exact same code should apply to the mDNS listener and the server.

Could also add this to the GUI and let the users select which interface to listen on, which interfaces to use for mDNS (and reverse-mDNS and which ports to use)

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