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#116 fixed pygst is broken on PowerPC (used to crash the application) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

It crashes on copy_u8_altivec2 in liboil.

This is a known issue:

However, applying the patches in the debian bug entry did NOT resolve the issue and the application still crashes at the exact same point which is rather odd.

Until this is resolved, something must be added to prevent us from trying to load pygst on PowerPC macs. (this was done by hand to make the 0.11.0 ppc build)

#117 fixed OSX: remove dock icon for xpra or make it usable Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Another one of Apple's rubbish "design" decisions means that we can't programmatically disable the dock when we launch an app like xpra... So we have two options:

  • write lots of code to add dock support to xpra
  • do lots hackery do have two different plist manifests in the same application bundle

For details, see:

#118 fixed upgrade windows build to python 2.7 (blocked by lack of pygst ossbuild) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

All platforms now build against python 2.7 whenever possible. The windows version does not because one component is missing: pygst bindings.

See these upstream bugs:

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