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#188 wontfix Supporting the vino vnc server? Antoine Martin robert.waters

I would like to run winswitch on two current ubuntu (oneiric) boxes, both running the vinagre/vino-server VNC client/server combo. The 'Desktop Default' section in server configuration ui reads 'None available' (ui/ populate_session_types()), and 'Start Desktop Session' is disabled.

I tried trivially adding the vinagre/vino paths to VNC_COMMAND/XVNC_COMMAND in util/; that did not work.

The problem persisted even after installing the tightvnc viewer.

Any hints would be appreciated.


#187 fixed replace distro packaging util code with calls to packagekit on Linux Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

This class: is horrible and buggy (no '-A' option with gksudo on some distros) so replace it with packagekit.

There are dbus bindings: example and decent usage docs

#186 fixed config apply_changes triggers error in rdp_client_base Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

as reported by @pmarek on irc:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "winswitch/ui/", line 621, in apply_changes
 File "winswitch/ui/", line 1014, in do_apply_changes
 File "winswitch/client/", line 757, in settings_modified
 File "winswitch/client/", line 356, in init_client_utils
  self.client_utils[session_type] = constructor()
 File "winswitch/client/", line 338, in rdp_common
 return     RDPClientUtil(self.update_session_status, self.notify)
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 18, in __init__
  RDPClientBase.__init__(self, update_session_status, notify_callback)
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 38, in __init__
  ClientUtilBase.__init__(self, WINDOWS_TYPE, update_session_status, notify_callback)
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 48, in __init__
  self.options_defaults = self.load_options_defaults()
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 58, in load_options_defaults
  props = self.get_options_defaults()
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 373, in get_option
  props = self.get_options_defaults()
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 373, in get_options_defaults
  d[KEYMAP] = self.get_default_keymap()
 File "winswitch/virt/", line 85, in get_default_keymap
  if k in self.keymaps.keys():
AttributeError: RDPClientUtil instance has no attribute 'keymaps'

I cannot explain why keymaps is not defined... The RDPClientBase constructor looks like this:

		ClientUtilBase.__init__(self, WINDOWS_TYPE, update_session_status, notify_callback)
		self.ignore_process_returncodes.append(2)		#closing the window causes this returncode!
			self.keymaps = self.find_all_keymaps()
			self.default_keymap = self.get_default_keymap()

(ENABLE_KEYMAP_OPTION is hardcoded to True) And this constructor is called by the RDPClientUtil constructor..

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