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#102 fixed Can't select to run Firefox from menu Antoine Martin Nathan Grennan

There seems to be an explicit effort to hide Firefox in the menu to prevent attempts of running it. Firefox is probably my number one use case. This was tried between two Fedora boxes running 0.9.11.

#265 fixed difficulty with "msjnc" application and win-switch Eric Blade Eric Blade

Install msjnc application from:

Server running application is Ubuntu 14.04-1.

Application is installed into window-switch menus as "Internet->VPN Session Disconnect". (It's actual name in the system is "Network Connect")

Attempting to run it from Window-Switch results in an xpra session briefly starting, and then closing down. Logs don't seem to match up with anything (I don't see any session logs that mention msjnc, and although I have two xpra processes and a Xvfb-for-Xpra- process left over, claiming to be :67 and :68, my only logs are for other numbers and appear to be prior sessions).

Running the application from the server itself, using:

xpra start ssh: --start-child=msjnc

is successful.

Apparently the windows xpra client doesn't accept the "--start-child" parameter, so I'm not quite sure how to test it when starting from remote.

The application does not succeed when running from window-switch on the local machine, either.

#149 fixed The '<' key produces '>' with the winswitch xpra Antoine Martin Dwight Schauer

Using xfce4's terminal the '<' and '>' keys are fine. Using the same terminal and going through xpra, < (lt) is > (gt), but > (gt) is still correct, and , (comma) and . (period) are still correct.

Without xpra: <> ,. With xpra: >> ,.

I can copy/paste a '<' from a non xpra window and it works as expected.

Same thing happens with Xfce's Mousepad 0.2.16 and Terminal 0.4.7.

This is with aur/xpra-winswitch aur/parti-all 0.0.6-2 is fine and does not have this bug.

Both Xfce's Mousepad and Terminal behaviours are correct in terms of '<' and '>' when using the xpra from parti-all.

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