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#55 fixed keyboard mapping issues... Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

NX and VNC call self.set_xmodmap(session, user) before any client attaches to set the keymap to the one that was supplied by the client (guessed using xmodmap on *nix clients)

This seems to work in most cases but not always.

Here are some bugs that may be related:

Also related is #82 : on macosx we can't always get xmodmap (if the server is not running this would cause it to start).

We may be able to get it to work with just setxkbmap? (ie: setxkbmap -rules xfree86 -model pc104 -layout us -option "";), provide UI to select the keymap given the list in grep xkb_symbols /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/gb? default to current? (setxkbmap -print)

From #139: The solution we have doesn't work in all cases:

  • xpra + UK keyboard mapping ends up wrong
  • win32 doesn't map properly either?
  • osx: we have to guess since the build does not use an X server..


#19 fixed integrate bonjour with twisted Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

One main loop to rule them all...
Not a priority until we can figure out how to integrate avahi with twisted too.

#300 worksforme insecure umask 0000 on ubuntu server mattja

xterm started as application session on the remote server runs with umask 0000. This has security impact as files/directories created by users are then world-writable. Expected: some sensible default like 002 or 022.

Version: winswitch 0.12.23-1, xpra 2.1.1-r16658-1

Possible cause: winswitch server assumes umask will be set in /etc/bashrc. That is true on Red Hat derived systems. But it is not true on Ubuntu (tested 16.04 LTS) where I think umask is expected to be set by PAM session (

Perhaps related, the PAM file provided by /etc/pam.d/xpra seems to assume a Red Hat style system and most of the PAM modules referenced there do not exist on a Ubuntu system.

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