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#10 fixed SVG support on windows (or lack thereof) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Some apps only supply an SVG icon (ie: wine notepad).
Either we convert those on the fly to another format (how?) and cache this on disk.
Or we get Windows/gtk to play nice and load the svg pixbuf loader...

#12 fixed allow the server to export local displays using NX shadow mode Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

We can shadow local displays like we do with NX/VNC displays.
The difficulty is in figuring out if that's really a wise thing to do... At least make it global option, preferably let the local user of that display decide (assuming he is running the client...)
We may also want to allow this local display to be exported to via a remote server, which complicates things quite a bit... (reverse SSH tunnel to that server - then another tunnel to the client...)

#13 invalid NX no actor bug... workaround Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

If an NX session does not have an actor and it is still connected somewhere (this should not happen... but it does), we should wait a bit then force the nxagent to disconnect (send kill -1)

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