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#80 fixed mac DMG can't find pygtk (but it's there...) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213] 2010/25/01 20:28:41 globals os.uname=('Darwin', 'macadmins-vmware-virtual-platform.local', '9.8.0', 'Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Tue Aug 11 12:57:32 AST 2009; Based on Voodoo :xnu-1228.15.4/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386', 'i386') 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213] 2010/25/01 20:28:41 globals version=0.9.0, built on macadmins-vmware-virtual-platform.local by MacAdmin, 2010-01-24 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213] 2010/25/01 20:28:41 globals uid=501, username=MacAdmin, name=MacAdmin, hostname=macadmins-vmware-virtual-platform.local, locale=C 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213] Traceback (most recent call last): 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]   File "///Volumes/Window-Shifter/", line 8, in <module> 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]     execfile(os.path.join(pygtklibdir, "shifter/")) 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]   File "///Volumes/Window-Shifter/", line 59, in <module> 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]     main() 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]   File "///Volumes/Window-Shifter/", line 54, in main 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]     from shifter.client.applet import main 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]   File "///Users/MacAdmin/Desktop/", line 14, in <module> 
25/01/2010 20:28:41 [0x0-0x15015].shifter[213] ImportError: No module named pygtk 
25/01/2010 20:28:41[87] ([0x0-0x15015].shifter[213]) Exited with exit code: 1 

Why is it trying to open a path that points to the Desktop where we built the DMG, this path no longer exists ( is in the same location as the other .py files), but it succeeds?? (and fails on importing pygtk...)

#15 invalid methods on crypt_util should be symetric Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

test_unhex_str()=('t', 'e', 's', 't')
Should be = 'test'

#72 fixed more generic listen_on host/port parsing code (ie: listen_on="eth0:") Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

At the moment, we can't specify an interface without knowing its IP, which makes it difficult to listen on eth0 and not wlan0 for example. The exact same code should apply to the mDNS listener and the server.

Could also add this to the GUI and let the users select which interface to listen on, which interfaces to use for mDNS (and reverse-mDNS and which ports to use)

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