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#31 fixed dont DoS the line with icon requests Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When connected to a server via a slow line (<1Mbit?) we should just use the local icons and be happy with that rather than requesting lots of blobs from the server.
A standard install may have ~80 commands, each with a 5K icon so this could take up 400KB of bandwidth.
On MS Windows, there are no local icons, so we may want to throttle it instead.

#32 fixed port_mapper will eventually run out of ports Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

We currently do not free_ports(), but we should...
We should not re-use these ports immediately (just in case nx/xpra/vnc whatever does not set SOCK_REUSE) but we need to keep track of them and allow those to be re-used.

If there are too many ports reserved (threshold?) we can just clear the list and start again (we re-detect ports that really are assigned).

#36 fixed don't use SCP to open file on a local server Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

At the moment, we use the same process using FileCopier, but we could just open the file directly!

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