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#19 fixed integrate bonjour with twisted Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

One main loop to rule them all...
Not a priority until we can figure out how to integrate avahi with twisted too.

#21 fixed OSX Packaging: py2app Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Packaging should be done with: py2app

Server seems to work OK on OSX (after installing all the required dependencies using macports) and it can authenticate users using python-PAM, but I have added support for Kerberos5 anyway using pykpass There is a new server option: "authentication_module" = [pam|pykpass].

We will also need to load the list of X applications from somewhere... and OSX does not follow the freedesktop spec, so we may just test for a few (xterm, ...) and create these "*.desktop" files in ~/shifter/server/menu/ on first start.

TigerVNC can be built on OSX, but I cannot find any ready-made images, see this: tigervnc-devel message More info on nasm/ld bug here

nxproxy can be built with macports' help (libpng, jpeg): nxproxy-apple

xpra: client and server both build fine (with this simple patch) But only the client is usable... (keymap issues for server)

#23 fixed remove unused files on session end Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When a session terminates, we should clean up a few things:

  • pid file (on client)
  • password file (both) - can also remove this one when the client is no longer actor
  • icon file (both)
  • session file - eventually? (both)
  • ...
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