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#238 fixed PIL,pillow patches for 0.12.18 release Michael Weber

Gentoo bug report

#242 fixed Additional NX options madmonk

The composite option in the nx.conf configuration file currently doesn't actually seem to turn compositing on or off. It's fairly broken in nx anyway but may still have some value in certain apps and would therefore be good if it could be set at the application level if possible. The biggest problem when it is enabled is that certain UI elements are completely invisible. Conversely alpha blended areas of the UI appear completely black when disabled.

To turn on compositing I modified...


and added the following code.

        def start_display(self, session, user, is_preload):

                if session.full_desktop:
                        args_list += self.get_X_geometry_args(session.screen_size)

+                args_list += ["+extension","Composite"]
+                args_list += ["-dpi", "96"]
+                #args_list += ["-nocomposite"]

                args_list += ["-name", name, session.display]
                env = session.get_env();

Perhaps the composite setting from the configuration file could enable or disable the extension as a workaround for this. I can also confirm that setting composite off in the nx.conf configuration file does not appear to disable compositing when the Composite extension is loaded as above. Likewise it would be nice if the DPI settings could be changed.

#243 fixed Unity specific menu options from .desktop files being prioritised over defaults Antoine Martin madmonk

The Win Switch menu appears to offer the last choice in the .desktop file these typically appear to be the unity specific options which would normally be ignored / hidden in other environments. The files can of course be copied and modified which clears up the problem. It would of course be nice if the relevant parser could be adjusted to take the 1st option in the file (which is the default option AFAIK).


Exert from the firefox.desktop file...

From the beginning of the file

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Firefox Web Browser
Exec=firefox %u

The Win Switch menu shows the last option however....

From the end of the file

[Desktop Action NewPrivateWindow]
Name=Open a New Private Window
Exec=firefox -private-window
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