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#299 invalid xpra html5 client is broken in xenial PPA Greg Schwimer

I updated from the PPA last week and noticed the html5 client no longer works. I just get an empty white screen instead of windows loading. I was able to fix this by copying the /usr/share/xpra/www folder from a system that had a prior working install on it.

A hint may be here:

Files www.broken/connect.html and www/connect.html differ
Only in www.broken:
Only in www.broken: connect.html.gz
Common subdirectories: www.broken/css and www/css
Only in www.broken:
Only in www.broken: favicon.ico.gz
Files www.broken/favicon.png and www/favicon.png differ
Common subdirectories: www.broken/icons and www/icons
Files www.broken/index.html and www/index.html differ
Only in www.broken:
Only in www.broken: index.html.gz
Common subdirectories: www.broken/js and www/js
#295 invalid xpra high keyboard latency Hadar Rottenberg

I've tried the latest xpra+winswitch (1.0.2, 0.12.23) on ubuntu 16.04 but this was always the case also with previous versions. i've tried different video settings but even on grayscale and choose "low latency" the keyboard and screen still lags a little especially compared to using winswitch with NX. i'm using mostly in seamless mode , eclipse+terminal and in both NX is much smoother

#257 fixed lists incorrect version for Download the latest source Sohrab Niramwalla

On the page, the link "Download the latest source" lists "(version 0.12.16 released 2013-11-05)" while the href points to winswitch-0.12.20.src.tar.bz2

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