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#39 fixed get rid of the "libgio-2.0.0.dll was not found" error on MS Windows Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When starting the application on win32, we get what looks like a fatal error (it is not):

The application has failed to start because libgio-2.0.0.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

This is bogus, the application is fine, it is just something to do with gtk pixbuf loaders (svg?)
We should at least prevent this error from coming up, ideally we should find a proper fix for #10 (SVG support)

#40 fixed figure out why DR Watson shows up on exit (MS Windows) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

The error report is totally useless (thanks Microsoft), and according to this response to my question on the py2exe mailing list, the only way to resolve this is trial and error. (great..)

#46 fixed allow the user to turn off the icons in the menus and dialogs Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

We workaround the latest gnome "upgrade" by forcing gtk to display icons where we expect them to be (IMO looks ugly without), we may want to give the user the option to enable it or not instead.

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