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#295 xpra high keyboard latency Xpra closed invalid defect major 02/08/17
#294 Latest Version of Xpra breaks compatibility (Linux) Xpra closed invalid defect major 01/04/17
#291 When attempting to start an application on Fedora 24 using WindowSwitch 0.12.21 you are informed that xpra is not supported. Server closed fixed defect major jayce1996 01/03/17
#290 CentOS 6.8 package directory is missing "winswitch" package (maybe others) Global closed fixed defect major 08/31/16
#285 connecting with ssh to winswitch server is failing. Client closed fixed defect major Kundan Kumar 02/07/16
#283 Windows plink binary needs updating Windows Build closed invalid defect major Nathan Rennie-Waldock 02/06/16
#284 [PATCH] Fix incorrect icons for some apps Server closed fixed defect minor 10/12/15
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