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A more complex example to show how to make advanced reports.

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#19 integrate bonjour with twisted Client closed fixed enhancement minor Antoine Martin 01/22/10
#46 allow the user to turn off the icons in the menus and dialogs Client closed fixed enhancement trivial Antoine Martin 01/15/10
#5 pygtk on Windows is not showing any icons on the ImageButtons Client closed fixed defect critical Antoine Martin 10/26/09
#22 patch NX and vncviewer to avoid dialogs Client new defect major Antoine Martin 10/25/09
#279 depends on deprecated python-rsvg Global new task major 06/29/15
#8 create new custom widget to replace deprecated gtk.ComboBox Client new enhancement minor Antoine Martin 11/08/09
#20 allow user to specify passphrase when creating keys Client new enhancement minor Antoine Martin 10/25/09
#41 Xvnc pre-launch: start other commands but not WM Client new enhancement minor Antoine Martin 11/16/09
#82 osx: get xmodmap when needed? Client new enhancement trivial Antoine Martin 07/01/11
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