features Features

Key Features

  • Shadow an existing display or another session
  • Start sessions on remote (or local) machines using intuitive menus
  • Disconnect from those sessions and re-connect when you need them again
  • Send them to other machines with just one click
  • Stays out of the way using a single icon in your system tray
You can see some of these features in action on the screenshots page.

System Design Features

  • Portable: the code should be portable to almosty any platform, from mobile phones to data centers.
  • Secure: It uses strong cryptography to authenticate both the server and clients.
  • ZeroConf: using mDNS, local servers are detected automatically.
  • Simple Line Protocol: the protocol used to communicate between the client and server is a simple single line text protocol.
  • Performance: the system can preload sessions and tunnels, which makes starting new sessions very fast.
  • Flexible: the sessions are accessible from Window Switch, but also using xpra directly, any NX client or any standard VNC client.
  • Integration with file managers: Windows Explorer (on Windows) and Nautilus on Linux.
To provide all these features Window Switch relies on many open source tools and technologies, listed here.

Cool Features

  • Using blueproximity or similar tools, you can get the windows to follow you around without having to touch the computer. Window Switch will simply re-connect the windows to the computer which is nearest to you.
  • Sound redirection: start playing some music on one computer, move the window to another, and the sound will go with it.(currently disabled - rewrite in progress)