Protocols: GStreamer GStreamer

General Information

GStreamer is a "library for constructing graphs of media-handling components", it is used for shadowing existing displays.
This shadowing is read-only.
GStreamer is also used for sound forwarding.


GStreamer screen shadowing (aka screencasting) offers the following options:
  • Framerate: from 1 to 50 fps
  • Scaling methods: offering better a trade-off between high CPU usage and lower quality
  • Screen size scaling
Here is what the dialog looks like:
gstreamer options

Plugins Used

GStreamer screen shadowing relies on the following plugins for capturing, sending and receiving the video stream: The following compression plugins are supported:
  • theora: Theora Video
  • VP8
  • xvid
  • divx (no documentation available)
GStreamer then displays the stream on the receiver using one of those plugins: