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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#274 uppercase username sensitivity accepted Antoine Martin defect critical 0.11
#35 CUPS printing support accepted Antoine Martin defect major 1.0
#141 guest mode: invite users without giving them full access, give them a specific session only new Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.12
#176 better support for VirtualBox sessions accepted Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.12
#195 osx server with ssh tunneling does not work (no way to find command to run) new Antoine Martin defect major 0.12
#260 No winswitch package for Fedora i386 new defect major
#278 winswitch applet freezes KDE plasma-desktop assigned cd311 defect major 0.11
#279 depends on deprecated python-rsvg new task major 1.1
#280 remove gstreamer sound support accepted Antoine Martin defect major 0.11
#282 Appdata file - please include new enhancement major
#287 Unable to install Winswitch on CentOS 7 assigned Chris St.Peters defect major
#288 Ubuntu 14.04.4 WinSwitch 0.12.21-1 connecting to Xpra 0.17.0-r12447: invalid packet format, not an xpra client? assigned Dennis Schridde defect major
#289 can't use xpra protocol in new (0.12.22) windows build of winswitch assigned dfeldstern defect major
#292 No Applet icon on OSX 10.11.6 accepted Antoine Martin defect major
#306 Ubuntu 18.04 package can't be installed new defect major
#42 secure VNC connections better accepted Antoine Martin task minor 1.1
#53 export local displays to a remote server via a reverse tunnel accepted Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.0
#228 Forum is down accepted Antoine Martin defect minor
#146 skip all encryption when using local unix domain socket, win32 pipe or fake connection accepted Antoine Martin enhancement trivial 1.1
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