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#139 duplicate keyboard mappings xmodmap vs setxkbmap vs whatever... Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

The solution we have doesn't work in all cases:

  • xpra + UK keyboard mapping ends up wrong
  • win32 doesn't map properly either?
  • osx: we have to guess since the build does not use an X server..

etc. Figure out the best way to make it all work.

#145 fixed gtk.AboutDialog() web url fails on win32 and osx Antoine Martin Antoine gmail

AFAIK, the code is correct:

d = gtk.AboutDialog()

But on those platforms, it comes up with an error...

Maybe now is the time to replace the whole thing with a custom dialog? Or at the very least, remove the URL for those platforms that cannot handle it!

#148 fixed xpra want's xpra but only is available in Ubuntu Maverick Antoine Martin WoLpH

This is basically the same as ticket #121 but since I can't reopen, I made a new ticket.

The packages files for Maverick (both 32 and 64 bit) seem to be out of date aswell:

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