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#104 fixed Create a windows server Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Not much to share from a windows box, but at least we can try:

  • control the VNC server process
  • punch through the firewall as needed?
  • a local ssh server for tunnelling? (openssh cygwin build?)
  • xterm?


Then we can tackle #105 (RDP)

#105 fixed RDP support Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Following popular demand... Let's implement RDP client/server support.

  • an rdesktop client wrapper
  • an xrdp based server plugin (which will need to override the authentication phase with one of our tokens - replace sesman?)
  • the full server build for Windows

The Windows server is going to need:

  • way to control the RDP server if possible (unlikely)

Depends on #104

#107 fixed SELinux prevents xauth from accessing per session auth files in user's home directory Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

If selinux is enforcing, xauth just fails... So we have a workaround in place where we pass the global XAUTHORITY to the server and it uses that if /selinux/enforcing==1

Not ideal. I can't see any easy way of being able to create new xauth files with selinux enabled. PITA

See also: NX bug

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