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#107 fixed SELinux prevents xauth from accessing per session auth files in user's home directory Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

If selinux is enforcing, xauth just fails... So we have a workaround in place where we pass the global XAUTHORITY to the server and it uses that if /selinux/enforcing==1

Not ideal. I can't see any easy way of being able to create new xauth files with selinux enabled. PITA

See also: NX bug

#108 worksforme Can't start shifter_server in Debian Lenny: missing gio Antoine Martin R4v3n

Hi guys, I installed shifter from the debian lenny repository (v 0.9.19) on my Lenny. The application start, but I can't start the shifter_server because of the GIO module of python, because GIO is introduce in PyGTK 2.14, and Lenny run with the 2.12.

To be sure, I paste the error :

*** Caught exception: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named gio
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/shifter/server/", line 939, in main
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/shifter/server/", line 216, in start
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/shifter/server/", line 337, in start_menu_monitor
    import gio
ImportError: No module named gio
2010/30/06 16:24:51 ShifterController.stop_reactor() Can't stop reactor that isn't running.

So, is there a solution, or I need to upgrade to testing to use the winswitch_server ?

Thanks !

#112 worksforme Can't connect to server on LAN without using a tunnel Antoine Martin Michael Olson

I'm trying to set up a WinSwitch 0.10.0 server on a Linux VM (host is Windows 7). It shares the networking card of the host but has a different IP address. Forwarding apps with ssh tunneling works, but removing the ssh tunnel does not. I'd like to determine whether performance is better without the tunneling, but I'm currently unable to.

I see the following error in winswitch/client/applet.log during a reconnect attempt:

2010/29/08 10:31:29 ShifterApplet.start_link(ServerConfig(kraft:8796762835984)) link already exists for 'kraft', kicking it
2010/29/08 10:31:29 ServerPortMonitor.get_command() remote server ServerConfig(kraft:8796762835984) is not tunnelled - cannot detect server port!
2010/29/08 10:31:29 ServerPortMonitor.start() no command to run!

This does not make much sense to me, because it should not be trying to use a tunnel.

The server log does not show any new messages.

Here are the relevant client settings:

ssh_tunnel=False host="" port=22 username="mwolson" encrypted_password=[snip] administrator_login="" default_command_port=8010 enabled=True auto_connect=True auto_start=False preload_tunnels=False

Here are the server settings on the VM:

ssh_tunnel=False listen_on="*:8010" firewall_enabled=False

I can use netcat to connect to port 8010 on the VM from Windows, and I've tried disabling the Windows Firewall. Let me know if there's any additional info I can provide.

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