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#170 fixed ability to decide where URLs are opened Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Split from #168 - see there for details.

What we want is the ability for the user connected to the session to decide what to do with requests (within that session) for opening new files and URLs. Give them 3 options:

  • open them as normal (application used will be part of the same session as the one that launched it) - current behaviour
  • open them in a new session (create a new session and attach it automatically)
  • open them on the client (only valid for URLs, files would have to be copied over first which is a lot more tricky!)
#171 fixed "winswitch attach" Antoine Martin pmarek

It would be nice if winswitch could be attached to a server via a shell command, similar to "xpra attach".

This is related to #168, too.

Thanks a lot.

#172 fixed ability to upgrade xpra server sessions in place Antoine Martin pmarek

At the moment, if one uses "xpra upgrade" on an existing xpra session, winswitch will see that the server process it had started has now terminated and it will close the session and kill all the remaining session processes.


  • detect an exit code from the xpra server which will mean "upgrade me" and re-spawn it.

This could be tricky as there are daemons involved, pipes and file descriptors, gio file watchers, etc.

  • change the xpra code to exec the new process in place so we keep the same pid and this becomes transparent to winswitch

Another benefit is that all the start options would then be preserved too (password, etc) - and we could even envisage that extra options could be specified to override existing ones

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