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#104 fixed Create a windows server Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Not much to share from a windows box, but at least we can try:

  • control the VNC server process
  • punch through the firewall as needed?
  • a local ssh server for tunnelling? (openssh cygwin build?)
  • xterm?


Then we can tackle #105 (RDP)

#105 fixed RDP support Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Following popular demand... Let's implement RDP client/server support.

  • an rdesktop client wrapper
  • an xrdp based server plugin (which will need to override the authentication phase with one of our tokens - replace sesman?)
  • the full server build for Windows

The Windows server is going to need:

  • way to control the RDP server if possible (unlikely)

Depends on #104

#106 invalid compiz + NX window dimming Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

The NX windows end up dimming when using compiz on the client.

This bug entry is to track the problem so people know what to do wit it, it cannot be fixed here.

See: this patch

Ensure that your vendor supplies a patched version of nxagent.

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