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#153 wontfix app menus missing in 0.12.4 on OSX client Antoine Martin tlc

I downloaded and installed 0.12.4 on my OSX client. There used to be a right-hand-side "tray" menu that I don't see anymore. I can find no way to run applications and Winswitch is unusable.

There are now some left-hand side menus ("Servers", "Windows", "Desktops") that I don't recall from before. Maybe they're meant to replace the tray menu?

  • Under "Servers", "New Connection" and <myserver> work.
  • Under "Windows", "Start Application" doesn't do anything. This is the only item in the "Windows" menu.
  • Under "Desktops", "Start Desktop" doesn't do anything. "Main Unix Display on <server>" does bring up a dialog.
#154 fixed spurious characters with xpra Antoine Martin FredSRichardson

I'm using the latest version on both the client and server:


I notice that when I use certain emacs commands like "C-X 1" or "C-X 0" a sequence of "1" or "0" will get pasted at the current point in the buffer.

The server is ubuntu-64 (lucid) and the client is ubuntu-32 (lucid VM under Windows 7).



#155 wontfix improvements to client_launcher Arthur Huillet Antoine Martin


  • it needs a man page - this is a debian requirement: all public commands (ie: /usr/bin/) need a man page, even if it is a small one that refers to another one

More minor issues:

  • how do you create your config files? this needs to be documented somewhere, maybe providing an example config with comments in /usr/share/winswitch/launcher-example/
  • I've removed the default values from LauncherSession to ensure they are populated correctly from file - the code should ensure the values make sense (port>0, host.len>0)
  • LauncherClient should show a warning if the session fails to start
  • file mime-type mapping so users can double click on them and have the software automatically launched
  • dealing with ssh-tunnels (totally non-trivial)
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