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#161 wontfix Menus don't expand to anything Antoine Martin Patrick Bulteel

I discussed this bug on the forum ( and I've finally managed to get a screenshot of first bug I mentioned.

Sometimes the menu's don't expand to anything. Example: I see the local server, I click on Start Applications and the menu is empty (I just see a sliver showing something should be there, it's just not populated with anything.) However, this happens with ALL the menu options for all attached winswitch servers/connections. When this happens I can't quit the applet. However, from another system I can start applications from my that system.

See attached screenshot.

#163 duplicate Maximizing does not work correctly. Antoine Martin Patrick Bulteel

Maximizing does not work correctly. The container maximizes correctly but the content does not. It stays at the same shape it come up when started. However, you can then manually move the edges and change the size and the application behaves correctly. I've attached a screenshot to this ticket.

#165 fixed Keyboard works incorrectly on Mac OS X (Lion) Antoine Martin Stroller

When I log on to desktop.devloop and open Firefox the keyboard doesn't work properly.

If I click in the address bar and use the Mac's backspace key then forward-slashes (/) are displayed. I can cut the address bar to clear it, but when I type "h" (third letter of the site name the browser appears to crash.

Running ps in a shell session on desktop.devloop appears to indicate that Firefox-bin is still running, but I cannot resume it using Window Switch. I have to kill Firefox-bin in the shell and must start a new session (and the keyboard still doesn't work in that).

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