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#200 worksforme package repository has broken dependencies Antoine Martin Thomas Käfer

it seems to me that the dependencies in the winswitch debian repository are broken.. there are new versions of the packages xpra & python-wimpiggy (0.3.1-1) but to upgrade xpra he wants to remove winswitch and to upgrade python-wimpiggy he wants to remove winswitch & xpra

#14 fixed password popup dialog for failed logins Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

If we connect to a server and receive a "login failed" message and we haven't got a password, popup to ask the user.
Make it throttled and a configurable option (that can be toggled from the popup) to prevent being DoSed by fake local mDNS servers swarming us.
Maybe we shouldn't even try to login if there are no ssh keys and no password.. (alert user? or ask for password?)

#207 fixed path munge in OSX Helpers scripts Antoine Martin tlc

I install the OSX winswitch package and run xpra from it. I run the script that sets up the dynamic libs, etc. here:


This script has the odd behavior of not working unless you run it from a parent dir of the script. Otherwise you get

$ /Applications/
/Applications/ line 77: /Users/troy//Applications/ No such file or directory
/Applications/ line 77: exec: /Users/troy//Applications/ cannot execute: No such file or directory

I think the issue is at the top of the file

if [[ "$0" == `pwd`* ]] || [[ "$0" == "//"* ]]; then
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