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#211 invalid SSH connection failure Antoine Martin onlyjob

On Debian establishing SSH connection from Winswitch fails with the following error:

EE] 2012/10/08 02:13:11 format_util.logerr(SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.0p1 Debian-2)arguments are missing quotes
[EE] 2012/10/08 02:13:11 ProtocolHandler.handle_command(SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.0p1 Debian-2) command parsing failed
[EE] 2012/10/08 02:13:11 format_util.logerr(Protocol mismatch.)arguments are missing quotes:Protocol mismatch.
[EE] 2012/10/08 02:13:11 ProtocolHandler.handle_command(Protocol mismatch.) command parsing failed
[EE] 2012/10/08 02:13:11 ServerReceiver.connectionLost([Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost'>: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion.\n])
[EE] 2012/10/08 02:13:11 ServerReceiverConnectionFactory.clientConnectionLost(<twisted.internet.tcp.Connector instance at 0x4990f38>,[Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost'>: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion.\n])
#212 fixed need option to prevent VBOX protocol on first run/connect Antoine Martin onlyjob

I have a big problem with default population of VBOX sessions.

On first run/connect I have many VBOX sessions which are hardly distinguishable from applications I'd like to connect to.

One problem is that all of them are not running but if accidentally clicked VBOX is starting VM which takes significant portion of RAM. If started VM is hard to terminate until guest OS is loaded.

More specifically the problem is that VBOX virtual machine which hasn't been started yet looks like already running applications. (VMs that are not running and not even suspended are shown as sessions)

I have many VMs configured and this is cluttering menu at the same time increasing chances of accidental VM starting.

The only way to stop this behaviour that I know if to modify file

~/.winswitch/server/protocols/virtualbox.conf to make sure it have "enabled=False"

However first run of Winswitch populates all VMs (which slows down the startup) and I have to modify .conf file and restart Winswitch in order to have desirable configuration.

It would be nice if Winswitch will

  • not initialise VBOX sessions by default;
  • obey existing Configuration --> Protocols --> Virtualbox;
  • if necessary have another (new) configuration to control this behaviour.

I tried to modify the code responsible for creation of ~/.winswitch/server/protocols/virtualbox.conf with "enabled=True" but couldn't find how it is done.

Please advise.

Thank you.

#213 wontfix tests can't load dependent modules Antoine Martin onlyjob

Many unit tests fail to load because they can't find their modules:

Traceback (most recent call last): 
  File "tests/", line 8, in <module> 
    from winswitch.util.simple_logger import Logger 
ImportError: No module named winswitch.util.simple_logger 

Perhaps there is a more elegant way to fix that what I did in the attached patch, but it works for me.


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