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#110 Allow to change "ssh" argument from GUI Client accepted enhancement minor Antoine Martin 04/04/11
#146 skip all encryption when using local unix domain socket, win32 pipe or fake connection Global accepted enhancement trivial Antoine Martin 11/29/11
#153 app menus missing in 0.12.4 on OSX client Client closed wontfix defect critical Antoine Martin 09/10/12
#77 native OSX improvements Client closed fixed defect major Antoine Martin 11/29/11
#21 OSX Packaging: py2app Global closed fixed task minor Antoine Martin 09/02/11
#10 SVG support on windows (or lack thereof) Client closed fixed defect major Antoine Martin 03/25/11
#78 build native version of xpra server on osx (avoid starting an X display server) Client closed wontfix defect minor Antoine Martin 02/08/10
#60 detect mDNS issues and report meaningful message back to the user Client closed wontfix enhancement minor Antoine Martin 01/22/10
#46 allow the user to turn off the icons in the menus and dialogs Client closed fixed enhancement trivial Antoine Martin 01/15/10
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