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Hierarchical options with server and application overrides

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It would be great if we could get a little more control of settings with both application and server based overrides if possible.

For example I would ideally like an option to force a prompt for the remote password at key points. This would usually be when a new app is started or a session is resumed, ideally I'd like to avoid prompting if it was a reconnect due to a network error. It would be nice if this was available first as a global option on the client and then as a policy setting on the server i.e. even if the client has a stored password the server would in essence make the client request it again to confirm the user was actually authorised to start the application etc.

In the windows remote desktop world this is quite a common thing usually achieved either with a local security policy or a group policy from the domain. It usually forces a prompt for a password when connecting to a server even if there is a saved password in the client and additionally (AFAIK) there is a setting to prevent saving passwords in the client too in the first place.

The above would be greatly supplemented with the ability to set application specific overrides. Perhaps in hidden files in the menu directory e.g. .blah.desktop.conf or whatever. I think that would allow them to be readily portable (as opposed monolithic settings / overrides) and less fiddly than something like extended attributes. This would be useful to set an override of the protocol, encoding and quality / speed settings for individual applications.

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Thinking about it the application override settings would ideally be split into settings at the server (probably security and compatibility settings) and settings at the client for protocol and fixes etc. I'm guessing this would mean that there would need to be a menu folder for each server on the client to store any relevant settings.

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