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#153 wontfix app menus missing in 0.12.4 on OSX client Antoine Martin tlc

I downloaded and installed 0.12.4 on my OSX client. There used to be a right-hand-side "tray" menu that I don't see anymore. I can find no way to run applications and Winswitch is unusable.

There are now some left-hand side menus ("Servers", "Windows", "Desktops") that I don't recall from before. Maybe they're meant to replace the tray menu?

  • Under "Servers", "New Connection" and <myserver> work.
  • Under "Windows", "Start Application" doesn't do anything. This is the only item in the "Windows" menu.
  • Under "Desktops", "Start Desktop" doesn't do anything. "Main Unix Display on <server>" does bring up a dialog.
#183 fixed Having issues with OSX client Antoine Martin tlc

I'm using a MAC client 0.12.8 and Ubuntu server ( & Applications don't start at all, but Desktops do.

Server log files attached.

#207 fixed path munge in OSX Helpers scripts Antoine Martin tlc

I install the OSX winswitch package and run xpra from it. I run the script that sets up the dynamic libs, etc. here:


This script has the odd behavior of not working unless you run it from a parent dir of the script. Otherwise you get

$ /Applications/
/Applications/ line 77: /Users/troy//Applications/ No such file or directory
/Applications/ line 77: exec: /Users/troy//Applications/ cannot execute: No such file or directory

I think the issue is at the top of the file

if [[ "$0" == `pwd`* ]] || [[ "$0" == "//"* ]]; then
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