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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#38 Patch TigerVNC to allow us to set the Window name on MSWindows Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.12 Client
#60 detect mDNS issues and report meaningful message back to the user Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.1 Client
#61 reverse mDNS leaks data... Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.1 Client
#65 the newer GTK builds for win32 do not support ICO format - workaround it Antoine Martin defect major 0.9.1 Client
#69 always show system tray icon on windows Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 Client
#78 build native version of xpra server on osx (avoid starting an X display server) Antoine Martin defect minor 1.1 Client
#90 100% cpu usage on some systems - twisted POLLIN Antoine Martin defect critical 0.9.2 Client
#153 app menus missing in 0.12.4 on OSX client Antoine Martin defect critical 1.1 Client
#155 improvements to client_launcher Arthur Huillet enhancement major 0.12 Client
#160 ssh key failures: "Input strings must be a multiple of 8 in length" Antoine Martin defect critical 0.12 Client
#161 Menus don't expand to anything Antoine Martin defect critical 0.12 Client
#190 support putty's pageant authentication agent on MS Windows Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.12 Client
#308 Can not open sessions on ubuntu 18.04 defect major Client
#142 64-bit build for MS Windows Antoine Martin task minor 1.0 Global
#159 sound support for MS Windows Antoine Martin task major 1.0 Global
#302 winswitch 0.12.23: install --prefix not respected for all items (need PREFIX= environmental variable as well) defect major 0.12 Global
#307 xpra doesn't update on Centos 7 Bob Tennent defect major Global
#309 No module named xpra.dotxpra on Debian Buster defect major Global
#221 NX fails to start Antoine Martin defect major NX
#198 Can't start NX or VNC session Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 Server
#213 tests can't load dependent modules Antoine Martin defect minor Testing
#188 Supporting the vino vnc server? Antoine Martin enhancement trivial UI
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