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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#239 xpra unusable on Win32 0.12.19 beta defect blocker Windows Build
#244 Hierarchical options with server and application overrides enhancement minor Client
#250 WinSwitch could support xrdp server enhancement minor Server
#260 No winswitch package for Fedora i386 defect major Global
#269 Installing winswitch on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.4 ? defect blocker Server
#271 No way to recover account if password forgotten? defect major Website, Email, etc
#279 depends on deprecated python-rsvg task major 1.1 Global
#281 No connection through reverse SSH tunnel defect major Client
#282 Appdata file - please include enhancement major Global
#306 Ubuntu 18.04 package can't be installed defect major Global
#8 create new custom widget to replace deprecated gtk.ComboBox Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.1 Client
#20 allow user to specify passphrase when creating keys Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.1 Client
#22 patch NX and vncviewer to avoid dialogs Antoine Martin defect major 1.1 Client
#41 Xvnc pre-launch: start other commands but not WM Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.1 Client
#66 use pyGTK Win32 Extension to cleanup/remove StatusIcon/win32 code Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 Client
#82 osx: get xmodmap when needed? Antoine Martin enhancement trivial 1.1 Client
#94 load xdg menu spec instead of just parsing .desktop files Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 Client
#123 osx auto-start Antoine Martin task minor 1.0 Client
#138 file transfers should be encrypted (always? or just over non-ssh channels) Antoine Martin task major 1.0 Client
#141 guest mode: invite users without giving them full access, give them a specific session only Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.12 Global
#157 clipboard channel support for VNC shadow Antoine Martin enhancement major 1.0 Client
#195 osx server with ssh tunneling does not work (no way to find command to run) Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 Global
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