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windows Windows 7

More Windows 7 screenshots

Below is a screenshot from a Windows 7 desktop accessing 3 applications on various other machines:

  • Calculator running on a Linux machine, displayed via xpra
  • System Monitor is coming from the same machine, but forwarded via SSH
  • Epiphany is running on another machine and is forwarded via NX, the control window for this session is also shown
xp screenshot

windows Windows XP

More Windows XP screenshots

Below is a screenshot from a Windows XP desktop accessing a very large start menu located on a Linux server.
Another window is already running gedit on that server:
xp screenshot

debian Linux

An Ubuntu desktop preparing to send the open gedit session to the XP_Pro user.
ubuntu screenshot

mac os x Mac OS X

More Mac OS X screenshots

A Mac OS X desktop running the Galeon web browser and Baobab disk usage analyser on a Linux machine nearby...
osx screenshot

mac os x FreeBSD

A FreeBSD desktop showing the system start application menu, a Log File Viewer is already running locally.
freebsd screenshot