Documentation Index

The following documentation provides detailed information on using and understanding the software, for installation instructions refer to the download page and for a more general introduction please see the about page.

start Quick Start

Once installed the software is ready to use.

manual User Manual

More detailed usage information.

gearsHow it works

The software relies on a number of open-source tools to provide all its features.
See here for information on the session protocol support and sound support.

help Online Help

The #winswitch IRC channel on (please be aware of irc netiquette), and the mailing list are there so you can get help quickly.


The FAQ covers a wide range of topics and should be the first stop for most users:

connectDebugging and Connection Issues

If you are having problems connecting to a server, please see here.
If you are connected to a server but having problems starting or connecting to sessions, see here.
More general debugging techniques can be found here.