debianDebian / Ubuntu

This is the development page for debian/ubuntu, for installation please see the debian/ubuntu repository.
Or go to the development index page for more general information.

dependenciesMinimum Dependencies

The minimum requirements can be installed using:

apt-get install python-crypto python-twisted python-gtk2

directoryMore features

A more useful installation set, giving a richer desktop experience and allowing you to run the server can be installed using:

apt-get install python-gnome2-desktop gnome-menus x11-xkb-utils dbus-x11\
		python-notify notification-daemon\
		python-pam python-avahi python-pyinotify python-netifaces

desktopFull Desktop set

To add support for all four remote desktop protocols use:

apt-get install xpra\
		tigervnc-server tigervnc-viewer xloadimage devilspie\
		nxagent nxproxy python-utmp

repositoryGenerating a DEB package

First, if you do not have the released tarballs, you can generate them by running:

Then, building a DEB package is simply a matter of calling:
tar -jxf winswitch_*.orig.tar.bz2
cd winswitch_*.orig