This is the development page for FreeBSD.
See the development index page for more general information.


The bare minimum requirements can be installed using:

pkg_add -r py26-twisted py26-pycrypto py26-gtk

Since these packages are relatively small and add or enhance functionality, you probably want them too:

pkg_add -r py26-netifaces py26-xlib py26-imaging xpra

For a better experience and full protocol support, you will want to install:

pkg_add -r py26-gstreamer py26-nautilus py26-gnome-desktop dbus avahi-libdns x11vnc tighvnc

directoryMore features

A more useful installation set, giving a richer desktop experience and allowing you to run the server can be installed using:

pkg_add -r py26-netifaces py26-setuptools gnome2 avahi-libdns py26-avahi ssh py26-gnome-desktop

Install the following python libraries which are not available from ports, the easiest way is via easy_install (installed above as part of setuptools)

easy_install pam pyutmp

desktopFull Desktop set

To add support for more remote desktop protocols (ssh and VNC), add:

pkg_add -r tightvnc ssh

Xpra will have to be compiled from source (see here), and it will require xorg-vfbserver, xmodmap, pyrex.
Building Tiger VNC or NX from source, you will also need autotools, wget etc..
We do provide some unsupported binaries that you can try here.

repositoryPackaging it

You can build binary distribution packages using:
./ bdist